Zhejiang yao hua construction group co., LTD. Is founded according to modern enterprise system, a class I national housing construction general contracting, construction decoration, foundation, fire protection engineering, equipment installation and architectural curtain wall design and construction of specialized contracting integration, the municipal engineering construction general contracting, lifting equipment installation professional contracting qualification, class a design institute of real estate development at the same time, commodity ikari, prefabricated pipe pile and other building materials production and mining, mining new PC component design, production, installation, integration management, is a company around its main business, longitudinal extension, industry operation, professional production and operation as one of the group company. Group company registered capital of 208 million yuan, net assets of 1 billion yuan, has a high quality construction team, engineering, economic, professional technical management personnel, has more than middle and senior professional titles in more than two hundred registered construction engineer, has more than Taiwan (sets) of large span, tall and other large engineering construction machinery, construction equipment worth nearly 500 million yuan, group production scale of annual output value of nearly 3 billion yuan.
Zhejiang Yaohua Construction Group

At present, Yaohua Construction has shown a good momentum of development in undertaking engineering business and expanding business scale. The total output value has seen a substantial growth for 11 consecutive years. In 2018, the group has contracted more than 50 construction projects with a total construction area of more than 3.5 million square meters.

Investment in real estate development and construction has also made gratifying achievements, by the end of 2018, yao hua construction, total investment in the development of west lake garden, the ma on shan yao hua lake pavilion, suzhou stone road are, tianfeng business building, ma on shan in the imperial government and gum kuo restaurant industry complex building, hangzhou agricultural trading center trading food market, and other real estate projects, a total investment of several million square meters of area development.

Zhejiang Yaohua Construction Component Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2016 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. The industrial base is located in Linhang Industrial Park, Xiwu Town, Zhuji City. The factory covers a total area of 186,700 square meters, with a total construction area of 121,000 square meters, including research building, talent apartment, exhibition building, PC workshop, mold workshop, aluminum mold workshop, etc. After completion, it will form a comprehensive park integrating design, scientific and technological research and development, production, installation and practical operation training. In 2017, it was listed in the first batch of Zhejiang Construction Industrialization Demonstration Base List, and obtained the registration certificate of Hangzhou Construction Industrialization Industry Base in the same year. Company is specialized is engaged in the whole concrete prefabricated components of production and service projects, the equipment is mainly used with domestic and international advanced level of automated assembly line production process, the annual production capacity of 350000 M3 concrete prefabricated components, main products include assembled PC components, urban comprehensive utility tunnel, prestressed beam slab, prestressed concrete pipe pile, the subway segment, aluminum mold, concrete products, etc. Products with high efficiency, good quality, to meet the energy conservation and emission reduction, clean production, green construction and other environmental protection characteristics.

Yao hua construction by the good faith as this, scientific management, has won a good social reputation, and green city, be in harmony, guangyu, vanke, riverside, blue city, jia industry, city, west room, bar and so on well-known real estate group, has a long-term relations of cooperation, is the excellent enterprise credit assessment of hangzhou, hangzhou downtown key leading enterprise, year after year in hangzhou government investment project primary contractor list, through quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system "triad" certification, undertake engineering business in zhejiang, jiangsu, anhui, guangxi and other provinces and cities. Successively won the national "luban prize", "zhan tianyou civil engineering award", China star of installation, installation in zhejiang province "zhang", "cup" in zhejiang province, hangzhou "XiHuBei", maanshan "cui screw cup", "fly British cup", wenzhou, huzhou city, the oujiang river cup "and so on more than 20 both high quality engineering, etc, among them, the ma on shan west lake garden was named the national" comfortable housing project ".

Company to carry forward the "perfect self, the pursuit of excellence" management philosophy, advocating scientific humanized management, enhance the cohesion and the affinity of the enterprise, set up in 2005, the party branch construction group zhejiang yao hua and the unions and actively play to the role of the group, the party branch, the trade union organization, fully arouse the enthusiasm of staff, strengthen the political thought education, emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts, and when all 逬, in the sea of market economy, in the face of the challenge of the market with new attitude to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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