Zhejiang yaohua planning and architecture design co., LTD., formerly known as hangzhou juyuan architecture design co., LTD., was established in hangzhou by the west lake. The company has Grade A design qualification of construction industry (construction engineering), Grade B qualification of urban and rural planning and Grade B qualification of special design of landscape engineering approved by the Ministry of Construction. Mainly engaged in construction project planning, architecture, landscape and interior design and related technical services. It is a design unit with complete professional and technical talents and leading design concepts in the architectural design industry of Zhejiang Province. By virtue of its own strength and advantages, the company has created a new design concept from a unique and novel perspective, which has laid a solid foundation for the company in the field of architectural design and established the company's position in the architectural design industry.

Zhejiang Yaohua Planning and Architectural Design Co., Ltd

At the same time, the company has also formed a strategic alliance with Zhejiang Shengji Construction Special Engineering Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic special engineering company, to undertake difficult reinforcement and reconstruction and emergency rescue projects in Hangzhou and even the whole country. The business scope involved includes jacking and correction reconstruction; Translation, deviation correction and underpinning of Bridges and buildings; Basement anti-floating, soft foundation treatment; Protection of cultural relics and so on, cooperation unit including longfor, taihe property, country garden, China shipping, real estate and other large enterprise, well-known project has the country garden city forest (Malaysia), hangzhou qiu shi elevated bridge translation project, qinshan nuclear power station, China shipping, real estate guoguang hotel jack lifting changzhou phoenix city shore (hundreds of meters high) rectifying project and a series of hundreds of some projects.

Company and administrative offices, market development department, human resources department, financial department, technology department, such as functional departments, and design a, design department, design department, prefabricated industry research institute, institute of special engineering, landscape design, such as the production department, adhere to high elastic pragmatic diversified operation mode, fully meet the market and the various needs of different customers. The company has about 240 employees, including 2 professoral-level senior engineers, 12 senior engineers, 24 engineers, 6 national first-class registered architects, 4 national first-class registered structural engineers, 5 national registered equipment engineers, and all of them have rich design experience and a large number of design works. In our design and business in zhejiang province hit across the country, and in fuyang, huzhou in zhejiang province, jinhua, lishui, taizhou, shaoxing and domestic Beijing, Shanghai, shandong, shanxi, jiangxi, hubei, fujian, qinghai, shaanxi, sichuan, anhui, yunnan, guizhou, Tibet, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, xinjiang uygur autonomous region has more than 30 branch and offices.

The company has more than 1000 square meters of spacious and bright workplace, and equipped with advanced design facilities, can provide construction units from the planning concept, planning scheme to the design of construction drawings and even prefabricated components to deepen the design of the whole process of computerization services.

Our adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" corporate purposes, always pay attention to the quality and connotation, and emphasizes the design works for in the design of the whole process of complete and effective quality control, in order to form the management system of quality, cost and service integration, to ensure that the design work efficient, high quality and orderly, so as to achieve from design to control the whole process of the completion of the project. After years of practice, our design quality, management and credit have been greatly improved, widely recognized by the community, and successfully obtained IS09001 quality management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, IS014001 environmental management system certification and a series of AAA credit certification and other certificates.

In 2017 the company merged with zhejiang yao hua construction group co., LTD. To obtain the first-grade qualification of EPC project general contracting, construction component and zhejiang yao hua technology co., LTD is a strategic cooperation agreement, the implementation of prefabricated houses in the country at the same time, early intervention and vigorously promote the prefabricated components and related design, become the industry leaders. Close to 50 has completed the deepening of design projects, cooperation unit including riverside group, greentown group, cosmos group, China resources land, poly group, taihe group, country garden and other large enterprise, as well as the architectural design and research institute of zhejiang province, China united engineering design group, hangzhou city architectural design institute, greentown design institute, zhejiang southeast design institute and other domestic famous design institutes, etc., in hangzhou and even the whole country to become one of the few excellent PC components one of deepening design professional design team.

Our institute also often organizes personnel to visit all over the country, and sends excellent designers to study abroad every year. The design not only leads the trend, but also reflects the profound cultural connotation and unique taste. At the same time, it also takes into account the economic and humanistic factors and the ultimate realization of economic benefits, bringing the largest investment return for developers and the society, so that the works can achieve the perfect unity of artistic, economic and forward-looking three.

In addition, the company attaches great importance to the cooperation and exchange with foreign design companies, to ensure that we can provide high standard and multi-dimensional design results and services to the owners. In the cooperation with overseas design companies, our company has effectively promoted the development of the project to a more comprehensive and perfect direction, and also broadened the vision of the design team and trained the design team.

Zhejiang Yaohua Construction Component Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2016 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. It is a modern construction technology enterprise established by Zhejiang Yaohua Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Binjiang Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yaohua Construction Component Technology Co. Ltd

The industrial base is located in Zhuji City Xiwu Linhang Industrial Park, the block is adjacent to Zhuji Shidian Line in the east, Hangjinqu Expressway Xiwu Exit in the south, Xiaoshan Puyang in the north, with convenient transportation, mature supporting facilities, good industrial support conditions, and obvious geographical advantages. The factory covers a total area of 186,700 square meters, with a total construction area of 121,000 square meters, including research building, talent apartment, exhibition building, PC workshop, mold workshop, aluminum mold workshop, etc., forming a comprehensive park integrating science and technology research, design, production, installation, practical training and so on. In 2017, it was listed in the first batch of Zhejiang Construction Industrialization Demonstration Base List, and obtained the registration certificate of Hangzhou Construction Industrialization Industrial Base in the same year. Company pursues "perfect self, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, the specialty is engaged in the production of prefabricated concrete components and provide related services, the complete reach the level of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, automated assembly line production process, all the traceability information management, annual production capacity of up to 35 cubic concrete prefabricated components. The main products include prefabricated PC components, urban comprehensive pipe gallery, prestressed beam plate, prestressed pipe pile, subway segment, aluminum mold, commercial concrete and so on. The base is divided into three phases, of which the first phase is PC prefabricated component base, with a PC workshop of 40,000 square meters and a finished product yard of nearly 30,000 square meters, which has been completed and put into use.

No. 1, No. 6 and No. 7 workshops are each arranged with a large fixed mold ground mold production line, which mainly produces the production and processing lines of prefabricated stairs, prefabricated bay Windows, prefabricated beams and other components. Workshop No. 2 and Workshop No. 3 are equipped with two automatic flexible integrated production lines, which mainly produce prefabricated laminated boards and prefabricated sandwich insulation boards. With automatic cleaning, spraying, automatic marking, automatic fabric vibrating, three-dimensional maintenance and other characteristics of flow operations.

Workshop No. 5 arranges a special-shaped comprehensive production line of prefabricated components, which mainly produces special-shaped components such as prefabricated exterior wall panels, prefabricated balconies, and prefabricated beams and columns. This production line can also be transformed into a comprehensive pipe gallery and subway segment assembly line.

The fourth workshop is the concrete mixing station and the intelligent steel processing area. The mixing area is equipped with two fully enclosed modes and automatic sewage treatment system. It is a mixing station which can achieve green production completely. Intelligent steel processing zone adopts automatic steel processing equipment to produce truss bars, stirrups and other steel processing parts.

The second phase will be dominated by the administrative headquarters, scientific research/training center and living areas, and construction will begin soon.

In the third phase, aluminum mold processing and production for construction, processing of decorative building materials, construction of comprehensive pipe gallery and trade and logistics industries, etc.

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