Notice on the declaration of provincial construction method in Zhejiang Province in 2020

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Municipal construction committees (construction bureaus) and provincial departments concerned:

In order to promote the technological innovation of construction industry, improve the level of construction technology, accelerate the accumulation of technology and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, according to the measures for the management of engineering construction methods (JZ [2014] No. 103), the notice for the declaration of provincial construction methods in Zhejiang Province in 2020 is as follows:

1、 Declaration time

From the date of writing to May 20, 2021.

2、 Declaration conditions

1. It has been announced as enterprise level construction method;

2. The key technology is leading or above in the province;

3. The construction method has been applied in two or more projects, which is safe and reliable, has high value of popularization and application, and has significant economic and social benefits;

4. The construction method follows the guidelines, policies and mandatory standards of national engineering construction, and meets the requirements of national construction technology development direction, energy conservation and environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation and green construction;

5. The content of construction method is complete, including preface, characteristics, scope of application, process principle, process flow and operation points, materials and equipment, quality control, safety measures, environmental protection measures, benefit analysis and application examples;

6. Key technology and patent ownership are clear, without dispute and dispute;

7. The innovative and developed provincial construction methods that have exceeded the validity period of 8 years (calculated according to the time when the approval documents are published) can be re declared, but they need to be applied in two or more projects;

8. The application enterprise shall be the main completion unit for the development and application of construction methods, and each construction method shall be applied by one construction enterprise, with no more than 5 main completion personnel. There should be no dispute in the order of the completion units and main completion persons of the declared construction method; the name and content of the construction method should not be the same as the national or provincial construction method within the published validity period.

3、 Declaration procedure

The provincial construction method is voluntarily declared by the enterprise, recommended by the Construction Department of the city with districts or the provincial department concerned, accepted by the provincial engineering construction quality management association. After acceptance, the Department organizes the preliminary examination and evaluation, and issues a document after no objection. The specific acceptance work is entrusted to the provincial engineering construction quality management association.

4、 Declaration materials

The application unit shall summarize the construction methods completed by the unit and provide the application materials according to the following requirements.

(1) Paper materials

One set of paper materials for each construction method declaration shall be put into an information bag, including:

1. Application form for provincial construction method of Zhejiang Province (1 copy, Annex 1);

2. Construction method text (3 copies). It shall be compiled according to the format required by the administrative measures for engineering construction method, printed in A4, with No.3 title and No.4 content in Song typeface, and the spacing between lines shall be 1.5 times. It shall be bound separately. The name and relevant information of the compiling unit and the author shall not appear in the text.

3. Application attachment (1 copy). Bound in A4 soft paper in the following order:

(1) The original of Zhejiang provincial construction method declaration form;

(2) In case of re declaration beyond the validity period of 8 years, the original version of construction method and copies of approval documents shall be attached;

(3) Copies of enterprise level construction method release documents;

(4) Identification certificate of key technology of construction method or engineering technical standard corresponding to the content of construction method;

(5) The original of project application Certificate (Annex 2), as well as the copies of project construction permit (or commencement report) and project completion acceptance certificate;

(6) Original economic benefit Certificate (Annex 3);

(7) Photos that can reflect the core technology of the construction method (no less than 10 photos);

(8) A copy of the sci-tech novelty search report (when the key technology of construction method is to fill the gap in China);

(9) The original statement of no dispute and no dispute on key technology and patent ownership (Annex 4);

(10) Copy of patent certificate of key technology of construction method and award certificate of scientific and technological achievements (if any).

(2) Electronic documents

1. Zhejiang provincial declaration form of construction method and construction method text (in the form of an edited document);

2. Photos (no less than 10 pieces) that can reflect the core technology of construction method, and video image data shall be provided if conditions permit;

The electronic documents should be "packed and compressed" and sent to the designated e-mail box after indicating the applicant.

5、 Job requirements

1. The declaration enterprise shall be practical and realistic, and shall not resort to fraud. In case of fraud, plagiarism, similarity and other problems found in the declared or approved provincial construction method, the application qualification will be cancelled after verification (if the provincial construction method has been obtained, the title will be revoked), and the whole province will be notified. The declaration of provincial construction method will not be accepted within five years, and the enterprise credit file will be recorded as bad behavior.

2. The competent construction departments of cities divided into districts and relevant provincial departments are requested to do a good job in the application and recommendation of provincial construction methods, and submit the summary of provincial construction method application of Zhejiang Province in 2020 (Annex 5, with official seal) and enterprise application materials to the provincial engineering construction quality Management Association before May 20, 2020.

Department of engineering quality and safety supervision contact: Chai Xiangxiang, Tel: 0571-81050849.

Contact person of provincial engineering quality association: ye Jiali, Qi xiadi, Tel: 0571-81956272, 81956273; E-mail: 444765731@qq.com Address: room 512, 5th floor, Ruiqi building, 425 Moganshan Road, Hangzhou.

Department of housing and urban rural development of Zhejiang Province

April 7, 2020Notice on the declaration of provincial construction method in Zhejiang Province in 2020

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