Notice on the implementation of the construction industry to carry out the "Zhejiang unpaid wages" action related work

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On the implementation of the construction industry to carry out the "Zhejiang no unpaid wages" action

Notice about the job

All departments, branches and project departments:

For implementation of the general office of zhejiang province people's government on the implementation of the comprehensive governance problem of wage arrears for migrant rural workers opinion ", "the general office of the people's government of zhejiang province in-depth development of the" zhejiang no back pay "notice of action, housing and construction department of zhejiang province on the printing of < the provincial construction industry to carry out the" zhejiang no back pay "action plan > notice and hangzhou city construction committee about print and distribute the hangzhou construction to carry out the" zhejiang no back pay "detailed rules for the implementation of action in the circular file spirit, the company decided to:

1. The "Zhejiang No Wages Arrears" action leading group shall be established with the president as the group leader, the general manager as the executive deputy group leader, and the managers of the engineering department, operation department, finance department, office and branch office.

II. Make a comprehensive survey of the existing projects under construction of the company. The directly affiliated projects shall be implemented by the head office, and the leaders of the other projects shall be responsible for the implementation. The management department of the company should cooperate with the branch company and the project department to do a good job.

Third, actively promote the real-name system, on March 1, 2018 after the commencement of works, the member that required in the project department set up labor in principle, the real-time control of construction site distribution, labor employment and wages do "advanced registration and construction work, first exit into the next to the construction site" principle, establish homework personnel roster and labor contract, attendance, payroll management, such as parameter, record construction work personnel's name, identity number, contact phone number, education training, the information such as attendance, salary settlement of labor, To achieve the construction site entry and exit personnel base, entry and exit time is clear, the basic situation is clear, attendance records, payroll records and other "five clear" goals.

Attached: List of leading group members

Zhejiang Yaohua Construction Group Co. Ltd

March 6, 2018

Key words: set up a leading group set up a special account real-name system assessment

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